Glass Houses

16 comments on “Glass Houses”

  1. Very abstract view… I like it though.

  2. accrocheur comme type de photo. j’aime beaucoup

  3. cool, love this new style

  4. Great colors and patterns here. Love the grainy effect..the reflections. Great eye!!!

  5. cool effect, i like how the blue stands out here.. nice work! 🙂

  6. fine shot…i love the wonderful watercolour effect.

  7. nice effect

  8. Very graphic and modern looking. Very cool looking!

  9. I do like the effects in this picture.

  10. great colors and composition

  11. Very cool Elaine. Great colours. Bravo!

  12. wow does that say 200 street? what about the other 199? =D nice colors.

  13. Love the blues on the windows, cool effect!

  14. Really like the vibrant blue colors on this building.

  15. j’aime cette composition bleutée !

  16. me likes…. LOTS!!! a faaabulous visual! and a faaabulous blue! bravo! xoxoxo

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