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  1. here’s a comment to cheer you up: cool shot :)))

  2. cool angle looks like a classic in the car road side shot. or were you still?the house looks so sereal really like this feeling

  3. Very cool angle here and the green colors are strong I like them!

  4. Hey! This is a new template! Hmmmm. Will the pictures get any larger without clicking on them???

  5. Nice drive by shot.. like tha ange and the colors.

  6. The colours are great! Love how vibrant that green is and the way it looks against the wood of the house being built.You’ll have to drive by again, once it’s finished 🙂

  7. j’aime l’aspect vide de cette maison !

  8. furtif et beau

  9. Love the intensity of the colors..the textures. Something very timeless about this image.

  10. the tilt effect looks pretty cool here.. nice work with the textures to.. 🙂

  11. It’s gorgeous Elaine! Looks like that house might slide right out of the picture! Love the new look of your blog too!

  12. Ohhhhhh. I LOVE the new-revised template, Elaine. This is very creative and I can get excited about it. WooHoo!

  13. wow elaine! i’m digging this new layout/template here. also the new shot, i love the contrast you’ve shown on the photo. excellent textures as always!

  14. Cool processing. – Or that sidewindow needs a clean. Lovely tones I must say.

  15. Love the tilt, great colours too!

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