19 comments on “Echo”

  1. Very cool – a photograph about nothing, or everyday life, or whatever. I like how you abstracted some perfectly normal objects and opened up plenty of space for interpretation in the composition.

  2. Is that your echo? Agree with SD too. Nice

  3. Really nice in greyscale like this. I like the graininess.

  4. Great non subject photo :)I like the effect and the greyscale image.Best regards, Andrei.

  5. mystère!on dirait le début d’un film policier

  6. fun abstract, i’m longing for winter…

  7. The graininess is great!! Love the music you’ve psired with this..adding to the mysterious..sad… nostalgic mood.

  8. Interesting abstract. Is it snowing?

  9. Experimental…

  10. longing for a snowing day !

  11. echo as in the car? 😀 looks like a pretty moody pic for today, reminds me of the incoming winter season.. nice work.. 🙂

  12. nice title.The photo made me speechless well done

  13. Love the grain. Really like the title for this shot and the B&w!

  14. I like this detail

  15. that’s cool … it could be a still from a film noir!

  16. nice mood shown here, losing static?! =]

  17. I am loving your images, I like the abstract and the grain in this. really cool stuff!

  18. Always keep that antenna out, Elaine, because you never know what you’ll…capture! 🙂

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