in heaven, everythin’ is fine

12 comments on “in heaven, everythin’ is fine”

  1. Yeah, and sometimes we can emulate that here on earth, at least for a few. Nice peaceful image.

  2. supercutewhat’s this music?

  3. Great capture, very cute! Best regards, Andrei!

  4. Indeed I hope it is, super cute shot, I see your pupster couldn’t resist getting in the frame! Tez is the same, except when you want him in it, then he runs! 🙂

  5. Love the soft glow, a happy shot!

  6. nice title & it

  7. Let’s hope because on earth it is definitely not fine… :-(But it is great to see two happy people….

  8. love the overexposed look of this shot.. this is beautiful.. nicely done! 😀

  9. She certainly does play to the camera:-)

  10. Sweet scene…I love the title 🙂

  11. It does have a sense of the ethereal, Elaine, especially with that background music!

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