Rescue Plant

I rescued this plant from beside our driveway, apparently its expensive to buy, and people are stealing them, so i thought we should have one 🙂 since it is our driveway!

21 comments on “Rescue Plant”

  1. I like how the texture and processing make the plant look rather surreal. People stealing plants? What is the world coming to?

  2. Everything becomes special in your pictures !

  3. yes they are lovely plants! and now you have one!! it should grow pretty quick — you should be able to break it apart when it is bigger to make other plants… and then plant the lot in your backyard!! what good fortune!! love this mood — very early morning mist! 🙂 xoxoxo

  4. The lighting is this shot is so special, beautiful

  5. Interesting view, angle and colors! I like the light! Best regards, Andrei.

  6. what i like best about your work is that you are not afraid to experiment. maybe that’s why you have such interesting results. good job elaine-

  7. wow, cool, i love today’s design

  8. well done , Elainei love the mood and the angle u took

  9. Wonderful color and light. Almost magical!!! Fun background wallpaper!!!

  10. and it seems to be flourishing well under your care, i have no such luck in growing plants indoors.. 😀 lovely capture too.. 🙂

  11. Looks like it may have it better in your house as well. Nice shot

  12. Are they Hosta Lilies? If so, yes, large ones can be very expensive, but still a thief is a thief. Love the capture and processing.

  13. Tis is lovely image Elaine…

  14. I guess we will have to call you the plant doctor. Love the lighting and colors.

  15. oohhh … you have green fingers :-)excellent postprocessing as always!

  16. Very cool processing here, the hot spots are actually nice and cater well to the luch green colors. Well done.

  17. This image is great as so many levels, wether it is its colors, its light or its composition. Superb.

  18. You should know that they grow quick because they eat humans!! ;O) I like to save stuff, whether it be a plant or an old piece of furniture etc so kudos to you!Ok you made me feel bad neglecting my blogging so I made an effort tonight, happy 😛 lol

  19. very nice processing and vignetting on this gorgeous plant!

  20. You totally crack me up, Elaine. 😀

  21. looks like you did a great job! the plant is doing quite well.

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