painted flowers

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  1. Very artistic and creative…

  2. Crazy! This doesn’t even look like a photograph.

  3. There’s supposed to be “I like it.” on the end of the above comment.

  4. Elaine – I’ve just spent the past two hours looking at your work. I’ve smiled, squinted and sometimes laughed (a good laugh). My favorites so far are: This is Stupid; Premenstrual Tension; Baby blue eyes; The Shack; The Path and The House (hope I said them all right). It’s almost midnight and I hafta stop for now. I’m not a photographer, nor a poet – so might not be as eloquent as I’d like – but I’d just like to say it makes me proud that you are my sister-in-law and I’ve never seen my brother look so beautiful as he does in some of these photos.

  5. wow , very creative ! i like the sweet colors, a pleasure for my eyes. Thanks

  6. it is especially a great design today, love the flying hearts and the filmstrip in the header

  7. It looks like a pastel drawing. Love the effect and the processing.

  8. See this is awesome Elaine – don’t listen to mean people who say such things about processing. They suck 😉 – Everyone should do as they like. I don’t enjoy processing so therefore I don’t but I do enjoy looking at your pictures processed or not 🙂 I really like this theme by the way don’t mess with it anymore.

  9. short and to the point … a piece of art!

  10. these are trippy glows emanating from those flowers! 😀 great work! 🙂

  11. Wow looks like a painting. Really nice textures and processing!

  12. Very cool work again… Dig it.

  13. Cool art, I love it!

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