14 comments on “Comfort”

  1. Never tried this before but it must be good!

  2. I need some of that comfort.. 🙂 Love the vintage look!

  3. The south isn’t really that comforting. (corny is what you get past midnight:-)

  4. cool shot, once i thought i would love this stuff but after tasting it i returned to scotch 🙂

  5. Nice shot…Cheers !

  6. Really nice processing on this image.

  7. Must be confortable… the southern!

  8. Love the timeless appeal..the vintage effect. Very creative!!!

  9. a bottle and … dreams are made from this stuff … and you have enough fantasy for other pictures 🙂

  10. wow — that could be a strong nightcap — or daycap even!! 😉 a million nyc kisses to you!! xoxox

  11. Cools shot of a sweet drink… and I mean that literally… a bit too sweet for me, used to like it though 😉

  12. Seeing that soco just made me “gulp” memories from the weekend =P

  13. hmm.. haven’t tried this one yet, must be yummy.. lol! nice shot!

  14. I love mixing SOCO with coke, excellent drink! =]

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