Poor Teddy

My bedroom shelves fell over coz I grab onto them to get out of bed lol… you can see the stuff all over the floor and poor teddy who was tragically wounded during the fall….

24 comments on “Poor Teddy”

  1. Poor teddy bear…Awesome bw, nice details!

  2. I think Teddy could use a hit or two of that Southern Comfort! Great shot, the B&W enhances the forlorn/wounded feel of the bear on the floor amongst the debris.

  3. poor teddy, what a drama!

  4. fogot to comment on the designcool one!

  5. Well it all turned out great didn’t it? I think this is really good, he really looks forlorn and the tone is perfect. I see you’ve changed the design again!! 😀

  6. Such a journalistic edge to this photo, nice work.

  7. Poor teddy 🙂 I’m seduce by your imagination !!!!!!!

  8. Sweet! Love the textures of the teddy lying against the carpet.

  9. Just love it alot….. great work and shot Elain…

  10. We can feel drama tension here ! Love the B&W and the angle, and the tender sweetie, hope he feels better now – hugs, Ted*

  11. Did that buddy have too much of yesterday’s Southern Comfort?!? 🙂

  12. Poor teddy… I hope you gave him a big hug !

  13. Teddy would indeed need a calin 😉 A picture full of tenderness … Well done!

  14. yikes! good thing it didn’t fall over you.. and you even managed to find a photo op for this event too.. nice work! ;D

  15. Such a cute guy, how long have you had him? Lovely shot, like the selective lighting.

  16. very imaginative 😉 and what a drama, poor Teddy … but he is strong, as strong as an ox 🙂

  17. I like the vignette you gave on this mono shot! =]

  18. sad little scene

  19. I start to laugh even before I open your site, Elaine…because I just know I’ll be laughing anyway. 😀

  20. ooh — it looks like ‘pooh bear’ is feelin’ lonely!! but luckily nothing that a good shot of whiskey can’t fix!!! 😉 xoxoxoxo

  21. Better be careful, you dont want a mad teddy on your hands 😉

  22. Hope Teddy is ok 🙂

  23. I hope he’s doing better! 😉

  24. Good mornin Elaine. Your image is really a nice capture. In the Berry, it’s 22H52. Have a lovely day. Antoine..-= Antoine´s last blog ..<a href="http://monchatonmonami.blog4ever.com/blog/lire-article-336711-1527142-aspect_de_l_argile_qui_commence_a_etre_prete_a_l_e.html“ rel=”nofollow”>Aspect de l’argile qui commence à être prète à l’emploi. =-.

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