13 comments on “Swingers”

  1. i see the swing fashion is the same all around the world :)cool angle

  2. Something very sad about this…as if the swings are anticipating company. Love your point of view..and the surprise yellow!!!

  3. again one time , i love the processing , and this angle. No pb if i repeat again and again ? ;)We all are big childrensHave a sweet week end

  4. What a great title!

  5. Wow! This one looks like something from the end of days. Maybe it’s the point of view, the colours — not sure but it looks so lonely! LOVE it Elaine!

  6. i definitely won’t fit in that yellow swing.. lol! 😀

  7. bring back memories … childhood … family … hazy memories … old memories … a lot of memories … well done postprocessing.

  8. I’m afraid the kids flew too high ! :))

  9. Oooops… where are the kids??!!!!

  10. awesome composition!

  11. great angle here! it’s like another wonders of youth shot!

  12. That dirt is freaking me out – it has a radioactive feel to it. I don’t think I’d let my kids play there.

  13. Nice title, before that photo loaded, i wasn’t thinking of play ground wings at all =P

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