15 comments on “Boy”

  1. Great portrait Elaine, he looks so innocent. However, behind that boy’s innocent look, lurks a terror waiting to escape at the right moment. Such a cute shot Elaine.

  2. cute guy

  3. Great portrait, love his smile. Nice processing!

  4. Great shot my friend, he’s got a cheeky, fun look about him!

  5. good processing for a nice portrait , he look so proud to be your model of the day 😉

  6. he looks happy to have his picture taken.. 🙂 very nice candid shot..

  7. Almost looks like a painted portrait! Wonderful light!!!

  8. Cute boy ! Great processing ! Love his shy smile 🙂

  9. yeah, he is proud … and when he knows that his nice portrait is in the net, he will be proud again 🙂

  10. I like the lighting and his expression

  11. OMG! My little boy! And yes, he is cheeky, funny, innocent and oh so cute! Great job Elaine. Maybe you can catch him mowing the lawn sometime – that would be a great shot!

  12. Great portrait, like his half-smile and expression.

  13. Awww. What a cutie, Elaine. Who does he take after, mom or dad?

  14. He’s very photogenic. Handsome little lad.

  15. Love the softness, and the cold colors in the background really make his face stand out. I also like how they give the composition a bit of interest and depth, without distracting from him.

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