Sick Day

My dog has been in the doggy hospital all day, turns out she has diabetes and is doomed to a life of needles and blood sugar checking…

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  1. this beautifully soft processing is just divine!!! xoxox

  2. poor girlthis is a beautiful and poetic image btw

  3. as always , beautiful processing , a bit sad but i understand with the circumstances , hope they will find a good treatment for this cutie dog. I know how it’s important for you.Have a good night

  4. Beautiful shot and processing, love it. Sorry about your dog.

  5. Oh I’m so sorry your baby is not well, the photo is beautiful but the message is sad. I hope and pray that she’s feeling well soon, I know the medication is not a nice thing to have to do every day but hopefully it will help her to live a full and happy life. x

  6. So sad to hear about your sweet pup! Luckily – they can live a long and happy life..with a little support!!!

  7. Love these tones . Light too ! Amazing !

  8. sad news … the picture is so soft and wonderful and I hope for your dog of a rosy future.

  9. Yes, this is very nistalgic image…beautiful and very well done, Elaine!

  10. That is sad…Your dog almost become human in this image!Amazing! Well done !

  11. aww.. poor pup.. but i absolutely love this shot though.. great work.. 🙂

  12. Hi Elaine!This is a beautiful take full of emotions and love the light!So sad to hear about the bad news but in the end just think that it could have been worse… you are still altogether enjoying a wonderful life. Do not forget to enjoy it 🙂

  13. Such soft lighting, it is a perfect shot!

  14. very nice theme – I like the home feeling

  15. aww. i’m sorry about your dog. but she has cute ears. and she seems to be taking the news well. all in all.

  16. So sorry to hear about this. She’s such a sweety. What a nice dreamy portrait this is.

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