15 comments on “Biker”

  1. exactly, after I am biked a long time I had all these colors before my eyes, maybe to much doping 🙂 … funny shot and cool postprocessing.

  2. Lol , Elaine did u take your pills last morning , it seems u still have stange colors vision 😉 U shooted a bike , maybe it’s a car , a train , …who knows ? u are incredible , have a great week end on your planet BTW : i love the pic , yes !

  3. Hoo, seems hard, go on girl, you’ll succeed (in getting exhaustion :)))We feel the effort, cool shot*

  4. fun shot

  5. je sens un certain relachement dans l’effort ………….les couleurs sont superbes !

  6. Cool processing . Love this colors !

  7. ew, what’s up with the short shorts and body fit top? lol! great candid capture though.. 😀

  8. Born to be wild! Cool shot!

  9. LOMO!!! nice cap.

  10. Something in Lomo always catches you… Awesome frame, love it!

  11. Fabulous colours…

  12. I like how the tractor trailers in the background contrast with the bicyclist who is the main subject.

  13. Looks like cross processed film ala Lomo style. Very cool!

  14. i like your style of looking at it 🙂

  15. Looks like hes getting tired too… dig the processing.

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