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I got this teensy weensy toy/keychain camera in the mail today. I have been awaiting it lol. These pictures are straight out of the camera as I have no processing software on my husband’s bare bones computer here… I don’t know about you, but I dig low fi 🙂

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  1. we can call that “kind of art” 😉 Let your imagination play hé hé hé have a nice day

  2. the best camera is the one you have it with you on the spotcool shots

  3. Not bad at all. The third shot is a cool abstract!

  4. Very weird but every new experience is cool ! Enjoy !!

  5. Amazing what a little camera can do. Sometimes they make the best images!!!!

  6. had to google it and it sure looks like a pretty interesting thing to play around with.. the results are really good, nice work.. 😀

  7. It’s like I woke up and found I was still dreaming! Wonderful!!!!

  8. Keychain Camera ! it seems to be working well for you, except for the noise levels at lowlight. On a different note even the noise enhances these images.

  9. I like a lot the 3rd and 4th image – great work

  10. Super, creative set of shots .

  11. very interesting point of views … I also have such a keychain-camera, it was a short time nice to play around with this little camera, because it gives so surprising effects 🙂

  12. Wow that will be a cool toy to have! Nice to always have a camera with you! You should take a photo of your new camera would be interesting to see what it looks like!

  13. Hi Elaine, this is Xavi again!! Well, yes, yes, absolutely low fi, hahaha!! but also absolutely cool!!! BTW, what the hell is the second one? Kisses!

  14. … Nooo, sorry, the third one, the third one!!…

  15. you’ve created wonderful dramatic elements in your shots here!

  16. Takes me back a few years… cool

  17. yes — i dig lo fi too — which means i need to get a disposable or a holga again… 😉 love these random and inconspicuous moments!! xoxox

  18. I like how abstract these photos are, it kinda works the imagination looking at them =)

  19. With “mega” in the name, you know its got to be good! I especially like how it abstracted the car, and overall it gives a nice toy camera effect without the hassle of film.

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