Road Chandelier


Don’t ask me….

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  1. LOVE the title! Is it not amazing what you can find when you are out and about? Good capture and those petals around make for such a strong statement. Well done you!

  2. you had an earthquake there ? or maybe u moved your salon in your garden (a rich fashion idea:-) )An original pic , i’m not surprise with Miss Elaine , with your sparkle imagination Have a great night/day

  3. well who would thought that the bulb you planted last year would grow so beautifully in your gardeni’d suggest you plant a memory card to grow a camera this year!

  4. Love the treatment. I would pull the other two light bulbs out, stick candles in them and turn it into a romantic chandelier, lol.

  5. Something almost poetic about this…like a dying flower. Great find!!!

  6. This has a look and feel of an old Polaroid. I love it! Maybe the owners decided that the birds and what not would like a chandelier for ambiance I don’t know. Random object in the grass always makes for a great picture.

  7. i don’t think this is the reaction you were looking for, but for whatever reason, when i first looked at this, it just reminded me of alice in wonderland and tea time.. 😉 weird eh? 😀 nice capture though.. 😀

  8. Found art? Cool colors!

  9. great find … in Europe, such a thing hangs in the parlor 🙂 lol … or plays the dog with the chandelier in the garden? 😉 the postprocessing fits very well.

  10. I like the retro look and the colors

  11. i love it, elaine, the unexpected chandelier in the middle of nowhere, eith the subtle blue and rose colors (teardrops and fallen leaves). outstanding!

  12. Unusual sight… and matching colors with the subject.

  13. Dont worry I wont ask, I think i’ve seen something similar to that hanging at my old house =P

  14. Nice find, I like the absurdity of this. There’s nothing better than strangely ornate household objects in random locations.

  15. Oh me really likey this one, not too shabby, rather chic & so very pretty, just like the lady behind the lens xx

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