I got the music in me



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  1. That is really cool! How did you do that anyway? Oh wait I know haha – but seriously did you like layer it or something as in those are two separate photos? Do tell 😉

  2. let the music playI just want to dance the night awayHere, right here, right here is where Im gonna stayAll night long, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh a wonderful composition , and the little Mozart is so cutehave a nice day/night :-)kiss kiss

  3. this is so cute

  4. So beautiful, very poetic, love it!

  5. Superb work, Elaine, her inspired air and the surimpression works so well ~ 

  6. Excellent portrait, Elaine. I like your creative processing.

  7. BEAUTIFUL work you created here ! Love it ! Such a pretty, soothing music :))

  8. great idea … beautiful and creativ … I really like this one!

  9. excellent composition and processing

  10. wow awesome! this kind of portrait reminds me that this kid will be a prodigy in music one day! =]

  11. OMG, Elaine. How soulful is that!

  12. So beautiful, such a great composition!

  13. Such a lovely shot Elaine, she has such a warm expression on her face. Like the music notes, very creative effect.

  14. ok elaine, this photograph is awesome! it’s my favorite one of yours yet! i love it. it has everything i like in a photo.beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

  15. Thats what i looks like, cute portrait and nice expression

  16. Love..love..love this one. So powerful and creative!!!

  17. beautifully done darling!! very elegant indeed! 🙂 xoxox

  18. i think this layering works really well.. great job! 😀

  19. ahhthat’s the love of my life – our grandsonand he does love a cameraand he is in fact very particular about musicbeautiful picture Elaine – it is hard to catch him not “posing” – he’s very quick to notice a camera in the room.I just also looked at the other two you have of him – the one with the scrunchy face – that’s one of his poses for sure … but the candy one – I laughed and laughed. And laughed some more at the comments. Now if only that would teach him not to eat too much candy…excellent capture.Love you guys.

  20. Very sweet portrait and nicely processed.

  21. I love it Elaine, the slightly zoned out-music is in me look he’s got in his eyes. Save this one for the cover art of his first album:)

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