Here fishy fishy…


I was trying to take a picture of that cool plant that looked like it was ‘swimming’ and the fish kept getting in the way… poser.

21 comments on “Here fishy fishy…”

  1. And that is the thing about fish. They always think it’s about them!BTW – I LOVE how your banner goes from B&W to color. That is so cool!

  2. hey it is good to have the fish in the imageit makes a great color contrast

  3. Relly cool… yes, they always want to get on the way, they are so curious 🙂

  4. a good shot of Nemo’s brother, i feel like if i was diving in the Red See, thanks for the dream , because now i’m just diving in workpapers arghhhhh :-)Have a beautiful fishing day 😉

  5. Attention seeking fish. Nemo just wants to be found.

  6. Hey if you were orange with stripes wouldn’t you want your picture taken too? He’s a cool little creature, I love it!! Love that border too.

  7. that’s your problem … everyone wants to be photographed by you :)))

  8. Like through an old TV set 🙂

  9. that is my favorite fish, so nice and lovely. i usually find them in couples!

  10. Looks almost like a painting. Love the colors!!!

  11. Cool shot . Looks like a painting :)) Very appealing !

  12. A fine, almost sensual shot. The ‘plant’ is an anemone and more an animal than a plant. This fish lives in symbiosis with it.

  13. I love these little guys…so expressive and this image proves it.

  14. looks like you found Nemo!

  15. nicely framed on this shot. =]

  16. Looks like he wanted to be the center of attention! 🙂

  17. Little Nemo will always try to steal the show, Elaine! 🙂

  18. lol. perhaps the fish thought you kept getting in his way too!

  19. I love it! Look at that little monster creeping up.

  20. lol! i guess he likes his belly rub.. ;D nice catch!

  21. Looks like Nemo got caught again… cool

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