Hippy Chick

it haaaard to tell you how i feel without hurting you… listen to soho’s hippy chick…

23 comments on “Hippy Chick”

  1. toujours le bon angle!

  2. nice anglei wonder whose legs they are

  3. Great angle and tones, love the title.

  4. beautiful wait on the physician … and so you don’t injure us 🙂

  5. Love your point of view and how you framed this. Great pair of legs!!!

  6. i like the colors, elaine.

  7. Framing and colors totally made in Elaine 😉 Nice boots, winter is on the way have a great day

  8. Very 70’s mood in these cool colors

  9. Intriguing image. I am partial to hippy chicks. Would love to see the rest of her.

  10. LOVE those boots! And it has been a long time since I’ve seen a turntable! Great shot and movie to go with it. I can well imagine those boots tapping and before long up and dancing.

  11. Cool candid shot, like the angle too..

  12. great tones!

  13. Super capture and cool processing ! Like this frame !

  14. I like it, the angle and the tone. Fashion seems to run in circles doesn’t it? I’m now old enough to see em coming around again which is a bit scary really!!Thanks for your kind comments today, I’ll keep striving for that perfection a while longer I reckon though :-/

  15. Love the overall green tone of this image! 🙂

  16. Hippy Chick…. ahhh… my mind is drifting to another place. Cool image.

  17. Nice tones, this makes me think of the 1950s and the vintage dress has a very Mad Men feel to it.What’s that thing in the video? Is it some sort of prototype CD player or something?

  18. Kind of reminds me of that old song “These boots are made for walking.” Guess I’m revealing my age here. Love the leather and the vintage look in this shot. Nice job composing this one Elaine.

  19. Love these boots! Something about boots 🙂 very cool shot Elaine.

  20. love these fierce chicky legs!!! 😉 and i LOVE that hippy-chick track!!! 🙂 xoxox

  21. excellent cadrage, original, et beau traitement des couleurs.

  22. i would call it “waiting”… =]

  23. This is a interesting composition but it works! Keep those lomo colors going!

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