Bridges over troubled water


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  1. Bleak! Love it.

  2. I like this treatment for an old photo apparently whose colors have passed with time. Charming.

  3. i love the pink tint, and also the way you “dirtied up” the photo. love it, love it. you made an otherwise ordinary photograph something beautiful and interesting. bravo elaine.

  4. Love the composition and the tones. Awesome!

  5. I love the way you have captured this, very nice the old “purple” dominance.

  6. I like the old movie look colors and the scenery

  7. Love the lines in this..and the surprising sense of balance. The textures make it truly timeless.Great eye!!!

  8. I love your texture and color work on this one. It matches the subject really good. Nice work Elaine.

  9. “Avenues run one way / Streets they run the same / Something in the air here / Still keeps me away” (Whiskeytown)Just my kind of picture. Great image, Elaine! That provokes a hundred pictures in my head makes me hum a hundred songs. Brilliant & a favourite for sure! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  10. cool effect, looks like a very old photo faded out

  11. Cool shot . Great perspective . Love these tones and PP !

  12. This old look fits very well. I like it.

  13. like an old scanned photograph, nicely done.

  14. Macadam, mon ami, je t’aime !!

  15. I like this frame and the texture a lot, like a dirty, inky, stained window, it’s cool and I’m jealous!! 😉

  16. Cool street image and processing here.

  17. Oh no. Now I’ll be singing the rest of the day!

  18. des traitements toujours violents qui apportent un autre regard. j’aime …… souvent 😉

  19. awesome 70’s feel to this. lovely!

  20. Def like the processing here, taking something relatively new and making it looks old, just wonderful. That texture you used really give it that extra bit of age too!

  21. Aptly named. An interesting scene and the processing is good for this.

  22. ooh — i love this vintage lighting!! that wonderfully bright sunlight calls up memories of childhood, which i always think of as a good thing… 🙂 excellent work darling!!! sending you NYC kisses!!! xoxox

  23. Love the bridge in the distance and the processing! Cool shot.

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