Bathed in Light


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  1. What a cute dog Elaine, really like the light effect here. Sure looks like he/she is very content sitting on the bed.

  2. C’est lui le maitre des draps non? belle lumière

  3. i love the sexy lighting and bedsheets ala an old school pinup photograph!

  4. nice lighting and expression!

  5. She’s posing for you, so cute. Wonderful lighting.

  6. fantastic light, beautiful

  7. Bathed in light & beauty … that’s exactly how I feel when I visit your blog. Beautiful, Elaine, beautiful! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  8. Wow! Excellent light Elane! Super capture!

  9. light and the flow 🙂

  10. A divine light for the cute dog ! well done , Miss Elaine ;)have a bright day

  11. What a great light ! Makes me feel like having a nap at its side !

  12. lovely lighting, colors and fellow

  13. awesome lighting on the sheets as well as the pup here. i think the doggie was waiting to be photographed, hence the pose. nice! =]

  14. Wow incredible light! She almost looks like a sculpture!

  15. awww! that’s so cute! it’s like he totally kept still for this shot.. great work! 🙂

  16. Perfect lighting on the subject! I also really like all the contrast in the image, it adds substantial depth and interest.

  17. She looks a bit sleepy, or is it the light that makes her squint… nice shot.

  18. beauty beauty BEAUTY!!! amazing light / near silhouette!!! 5 stars darling!!! 🙂 xoxoxo

  19. What a cute little pup! Great shot!

  20. jolie lumière.

  21. She seems a model, great light!

  22. Great Lighting Elaine! She is such a great model…she always makes me smile

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