Reflections of Home


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  1. great point of view and great treatment as always!

  2. Cool processing, this is quite spooky. Love the lamp, nice composition.

  3. that’s cool

  4. a nice reflection for quiet mood , luv it , just have to close my eyes and dream. Great work Elaine bisous 🙂

  5. Beyong the cool ghostly diagonal, i love the red presence-like glow behind the glass, very intriguing and nice at the same time…(the lil’gal on my page today’s one of my – 2 – dear niece ;))

  6. Looks rather homey but different. The processing gives it quite an originality.

  7. What a strange reflections effect, how did you made it?

  8. Wonderful reflection. I like that the light was on.

  9. I really like reflections. I think it’s because double exposures in digital photography are not possible unless you super-impose layers…if I am correct. Nice capture!

  10. very beautiful mood and colors

  11. One of my favorite places to take a photograph….home. Lovely image with soft colors.

  12. Bonsoir,A nice use of mood and colors..Bravo!

  13. very nice… looks like home sweet home to me. =]

  14. Home Sweet Home, then, Elaine! 🙂

  15. I like reflections.. very cool

  16. I like how the reflection is somewhat subtle and ghostlike. I also like the red in the image, it gives a sense that something might happen – instead of just being a 100 percent peaceful photograph.

  17. I really like this shot, i keep looking at it without getting bored. Great capture.

  18. i feel a bit disoriented while looking at these shots.. 🙂 nice one! 🙂

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