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  1. beautifully produced, elaine! i love the harsh urban feel; the bridge and roadway feel enclosed in barbed wire. the brightness is almost like a bomb going off. overall, the effect is a little creepy/scary. otherworldly. apocalyptal.awesome!

  2. des couleurs entre chien et et chat, comme j’aime !

  3. over the bridge and into another world … wow … I like this kind of picture … excellent postprocessing !!!

  4. Love the treatment. Nice and bright, feels like another world.

  5. good processing , Miss Elaine. Your word is so strange , so blur , so creative , but never sad for me ;)a great urban shothave a good night , full of blurred dreams

  6. interesting as i somehow see it happy

  7. It certainly gives that feeling of sadness, like a gloomy Wednesday afternoon feeling but I can see the light trying to come through, tomorrow will be better 🙂 I love your pp on this, textures are great as always!

  8. I figured out what this is, but at first I thought it was the top of a fence with circular barbed wire at the top. Do you see the resemblance? It was the road sign that tipped me off. Cool shot and processing.

  9. I like the scenery, the overexposure effect and the old time colors

  10. They say go up following the zigzaguing arrow and they propose an arching bridge – nasty geometers ! ;))))

  11. Years ago I wrote I wrote a song called “Sadness Is My Middle Name”. I know now for whom it was written. Great photograph that goes straight to my sad & weary heart. Nothing more but brilliant! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. I agree with Seraphine. This is very cool processing and perfect mood, Elaine.

  13. dreamy feeling photo

  14. i dream of a million suns!!! beautiful memories here darling! kiss kiss kiss to you!!! xoxoxo

  15. love the processing you did here.. it does have a sad feeling when looking at it.. nice work.. 🙂

  16. Nice high key shot with a dirty glass feel to it… nice urban mood too.

  17. Interesting composition, E. Like it was taken from the backseat of an old Chevy headed south after a visit to one’s Grandma’s house.

  18. j’aime cette photo: tonalités, textures, et cette grande flèche, comme s’il ne restait plus qu’un chemin à suivre..

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