18 comments on “Dusk”

  1. simply beautifully captured shot…lovely composition & the moment!

  2. Those mountains in the distance are so pretty. I love mountains. Beautiful image. That small wisp of clouds is lovely.

  3. very dreamy … nice composition and I like the mood!

  4. beautiful composition , i love the light when dusk is coming . In france , we call that moment “between dogs and wolves” . There too ? Don”t take your pills , i can skip them in week end ;)have a beautiful one

  5. So soft and so dreamy, I love it!

  6. great shot! Love the mountains…

  7. Bonita y con mucha suavidad en la foto general. Me gusta el paisaje!! Saludos

  8. I wear contact lenses, and let me tell you this is the very hour and light when I don’t see nothing, it doesn’t last long but always feel weird, and love to see it materialized here in your foreground pic : that’s exactly the feeling of seeing something dark stuffed with things we have to make an effort to see… And i also enjoy the dancing light & thin scarf of clouds that offer a (very human) contradiction to the heavy blacks ! You have a nice w-e, dear, and hello to Mr and Coco as well (love the name !)

  9. very nice, love the mood you have created here with this shot!

  10. i like the little puffs of clouds, and the hint of mountains in the distance. nice!

  11. This is a brilliant composition, Elaine. Makes me want to get lost immediately in the wide country. So much longing in it, such a great play of light & darkness. Bravo to you, I really like it a lot! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. a lovely mood Elaine!! dreamy, mystical — perfect for some sort of adventure!! 😉 maybe some mushroom picking in the deep woods? excellent processing!

  13. Great mood… nice processing my friend.

  14. Clouds are speaking with me

  15. those clouds look like angels running around.. 🙂 very nice capture! 😀

  16. Mellow. I like the brown tones mixed with the coldness.

  17. Beautiful and soft image! Great view!

  18. Gorgeous – such a beautiful sky. Makes you want to write a novel…

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