Roll the Dice already!!


my niece having fun driving everybody up a wall waiting for her to roll the dice…

17 comments on “Roll the Dice already!!”

  1. hi elaine! we seem to be on at the same time tonight. and most nights.i love the photo of your niece! she’s beautiful. is that a jawbreaker in her mouth? too funny.

  2. hahaha … I know this play of my daughters 🙂 …. well done!

  3. Haha…fun shot. Kids are tough, always testing your patience.

  4. perfectly captured, so lovely

  5. Looks like she’s really getting into the game, Elaine. A splendid image.

  6. Creative cat. You are indeed. A beautiful capture of this vivid moment, Elaine! Beuatiful! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. She has to be a drama queen first, Elaine:-) Cute!

  8. lol. i remember these days — it killed board games for me… permanently! 😉 lol. beautiful shot darling — she is living it up!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo

  9. Yep.. its always funny to prolong the suspense before hitting the sixes.. lol

  10. She’s so lovely…. She’s the real Princess!

  11. Ha ! Love her air, half deep kid concentration, half pure pleasure (hers & ours !). And i can even hear the dice roll with the great realistic blur. That’s just cool, miss & miss !

  12. She is playing dice… sure?… Mmmm.. to me it seems as if she went into a trance… are you experiencing some poltergeist over there?… hahaha! Kissesx.

  13. I’m guessing that means she’s a princess, Elaine?! 🙂

  14. looks like she’s fun driving you guys nuts too.. 🙂 very nice capture! 🙂

  15. Ha! Good thing she took forever, it gave you plenty of time to whip out the camera and perfectly capture the moment and her expression.

  16. Love her expression..and how you captured the movement in her hands.

  17. is she chanting out some spells 😀 great shot.hey elaine, google reader is showing the photos twice for your posts. don’t know why. will check again later.

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