18 comments on “Diva”

  1. reminds me of a video i saw on youtube about yogis doing meditation.. 😀 great capture! 🙂

  2. What the hell?? haha is your dog sleeping sitting up or attempting the Vulcan mind meld?

  3. I think your dog is being stubborn and hiding behind those closed eyes 🙂

  4. She refused to pose nicely for you?

  5. It is as if he’s savoring a delicious memory! LOVE IT!!

  6. What an irresistable sweet nose!!!

  7. Enjoying the sun ? Or rehearsing her new role in “Dog gone with the wind” ?? You’re a diva, indeed, Coco !

  8. hilarious … that’s great stuff …. which kind of stuff did she eat? :):)

  9. lol lol lol , a star is born , ready for “le festival de Cannes” ? 😉 i think her tan will be perfect for the ceremony ! Have a sunny day

  10. Who is marilyn compared to you?

  11. Looks like a little old man.

  12. lovely pose and face

  13. She dreams about an Hollywood destiny?

  14. haha! priceless expression from the pooch, nice timing. =]

  15. funny picture. haha.

  16. Looks like you woke her up, but she refuses to wake… lol. Nice

  17. il a une bonne ” bouille”, j’aime bien !

  18. She just needs some expensive sunglasses! 🙂

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