Heavenly Sleep


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  1. I finally figured out how to get to your comment page, Elaine! HA! I see you’ve written yourself all over him. 🙂

  2. Sleep is good indeed. Nice soft image

  3. I like the images from the GR – nice job. I see the tat again – So he is branded. Nice 😉

  4. It’s a very sexy photo, elaine. i love the lighting, and there is no guessing what he is dreaming of.and very cool, the science sign for ‘forever.’

  5. Crazy lighting, I like it. Although at first I was like uh, oh, where’s his head? Is that a giant Polaroid on the wall behind him?

  6. Good thing your name is Elaine…lol…just kidding!!!!!

  7. Great tittle and the pictures I have seen so far are wonderful, in the weekend I will take a better look, I am almost off to work.I saw yur comment at Ginnie’s blog, so I had to try too :)Love the light and the softness in this picture…and what a confidende he has in you, I love it…..he is worth a big hug 😉

  8. So nice your husband is sleeping …. lovely light in the picture

  9. Aww…he has a tattoo of your name, that’s so sweet. Great photo!

  10. as always , i really love the light on your pics . Oh a tatto…Elaine ..? who is Elaine ? the cutie dog ??? ;-)Have a lighting night

  11. On the arm close to the heart he wrote your name… Love the silent love story included in this soft image, my dear********

  12. Love the light…the sense of peace. And the tattoo is wonderful!!!

  13. Really like this one Elaine, the light over the shoulder of your husband.. wow… and the tatoo…. one of your bests, for sure.x.

  14. beautiful lighting … and let me guess about which your ideal husband dreams :):):)

  15. a happy man – nice image

  16. Cool Tattoo!

  17. Lovely capture, Elaine. Very…romantic.

  18. very nice capture!

  19. nicely dont. don’t get too cold now!

  20. when somebody sleeps I’m always wondering about what kind of dreams are inside!

  21. Great light and of course the tat! The fact his face is hidden adds to the romance.

  22. light, color, texture — all amazing in this shot! such tranquility!!! xoxoxoxo

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