Sleepy Roo


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  1. Sleepy indeed! So soft and warm too, I imagine.

  2. lovely photo. i enjoy photos of animals than people LOL plus this one is in black and white. i think there is a certain magic to this kind of photos.

  3. He looks deep in sleep!

  4. Great point of view and she looks very satisfied and relaxed

  5. magnifique portrait du chien!

  6. Super close-up, I enjoy it whole ! A caress for you, C°c° !Love that B&W too, girls !

  7. Such a lovely shot, great angle!

  8. that’s a close encounter!

  9. The donkey will make her some fuss!She needs much more caress!

  10. I get the Roo connection very well, probably because my house is full of Winnie The Pooh stuff and it’s not mine before you ask!! 😉 I love this low angle and close up perspective, she looks content and every bit a Roo!

  11. Ha nice – hey is this the sleep after your dog attempted the Vulcan mind meld and now all tired out? Mind melding can be exhausting work. What happened to your opening full screen photo feature you worked so hard on tweaking?

  12. wow I like the use wide angle here, she seems so long :D.-= BoB´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Hidden Shade =-.

  13. ReReally cool perspective!.-= hoi´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Mundane Monday #11 =-.

  14. the sleep of a wild animal – great image.-= yiannis krikis´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>passage =-.

  15. What a pose:) a nice angle, you have found, like it a lot

  16. excellent point of view … she is in a deep sleep … but, let sleeping dogs lie :).-= walter´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>ceci-n’est pas un Magritte =-.

  17. Super point of view Elaine. I love this B&W portrait!

  18. I like the mono treatment here, great angle depicting the mood of the doggy. =].-= Liang´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Hakone Rocks =-.

  19. That is my definition of a bombastic point of view. What a brilliant peaceful feeling & what an amazing & great photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch..-= Fritsch´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>lonely still =-.

  20. that’s one cool angle you shot her with.. nice shot! :).-= rian´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>one beacon court =-.

  21. i want to kiss sleepy roo. i can’t help it. somehow, i don’t think she will mind..-= Seraphine´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>The Best Attributes Express a Value =-.

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