21 thoughts on “Bad Sons

  1. Now I like this. The toning I like, the strange otherworldly feel I like, the lack of people with their graffiti traces I like. But Elaine, I have to be truthful, I have a criticism and its nothing to do with the photo- its this darn snow falling from my screen!.-= rhys´s last blog ..<a href="http://rhysbaker.com/blog/index.php?showimage=617“ rel=”nofollow”>Trees, Lamp & Carpark =-.

  2. The modern day scourge of urban grafitti, where if an object does not move, it get’s spray painted! It’s ruined England, and so many beauty spots have been daubed with the mindless monikers of kids claiming they have nothing better to do with their time.When I was a kid it was so much easier, we just smoked ganja, stole sweets from the candy stores and used our catapults on passing sgtrangers. Kids today……-= SOUL AFLAME´s last blog ..<a href="http://soulaflame.aminus3.com/image/2009-12-15.html“ rel=”nofollow”>DEAD MAN WALKING =-.

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