10 thoughts on “Rocking Horse

  1. i like horses in general. i love carousel horses. and i have a rocking horse in the living room, an antique reproduction. but riding on rocking horses makes me sick. so does riding in the backseat of cars. don’t take me anywhere on a boat.if a boat comes to take me to heaven, i’m not going.

  2. “Home is where my horse is” (Lyle Lovett)Marvelous, Elaine! Not only beautiful animals but what a beautiful monument you build. Amazing b&w!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. STUNNING!! so powerful!!! like an ethereal memory — a dream state… an alternate reality!!! 5 stars for you — i love this!!! 🙂 happy holidays darling!!! 1000 kisses!!! xoxoxoxox

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