Even though Christmas is in the background, this is my Christmas because my present arrived today, a sealy posturepedic mattress, coz i’m like the princess and the pea… I tried to get delivery on the 24th, but no go… what do ya figure? is my lens REALLY dirty to have bokeh like that?

25 thoughts on “Post Haste

  1. I bought one of those memory foam mattresses while back Elaine, and a Kingsize so that my lanky legs would at last fit! It cost a fortune but turned out to be the best money I have ever spent, and now I sleep like a log (I wake up on the fire…boom boom… I thank you!)I’m sending over a packet of lens wipe cloths so you can do something about that dirt haze…… ha ha

  2. i think , that u have to stop alcohol fastly !!!!! (like me) hé hé And tell me , what about the new bed ? still have nightmares ? Bisou bisoups : i love the pic , have no doubt 🙂

  3. is your new mattress so dusty … lol … maybe it’s my visual acuity … lol … when I lift my glasses, the christmas tree at home, looks like your image 🙂

  4. by the way, the photo of the bed in the window… that was taken at jack london’s house outside of glen ellen, california. it’s his sun porch. he sat there while writing some of his letters, notes, short stories and novels.

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