Repeat the Sounding Joy

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  1. pound away darling — i am listening from clear across the continent!!! is you singing? sing up darling!! now there we go… beautiful!! 😉 xxxxxxx

  2. i hope you know how to play that beautiful piano. because otherwise, the wires inside begin to sag and a pair of songbirds will build a nest in there. then ferrets will move in looking for eggs and, being nocturnal, they’ll play on the piano while you are sleeping. you will dream about ghosts and music. they like to dance on high-c, then tinkle b-flat e-flat and g. you’ll recognise the tune. it’s the song a songbird sing when it’s eggs are well hidden. its also the song inside of you, waiting for you to learn how to play it.p.s. sometimes the moon plays that tune when it is hidden by clouds.

  3. Beautiful shot. I wish I could play the piano.

  4. What a beautiful piano. Love how you captured it on the diagonal.

  5. Okay, i repeat it : La la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !I begin again ? :))

  6. For the donkey playing piano is impossible due to his “sabot”!

  7. On a young of air of… That of memories! My instrument was preferred, I have the same at the house! 🙂 Great shot Elaine !

  8. I learned to play on an old upright and that’s what this looks like to me. (I saw you in the comic strips this morning:-)

  9. Music and light , tatatapatada ! very nice Elaine , are you singing too ? sing for us please , and i hope the rain will not fall ;)bisou bisou

  10. This is your piano? I like the vintage feeling.

  11. you play it again Elaine … the whole keyboard at postprocessing!

  12. beautiful colors. I love pianos..-= hoi´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Baltimore at Night =-.

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