i’m getting so ticked off with wordpress and my webhost and themes you spend a hundred dollars on that stop working, so don’t mind me if i switch my blogs to squarespace.com… look for me here elaineremains.squarespace.com  or of course totallylike.me

10 thoughts on “I wanna be a jukebox hero

  1. I did not know that you even knew such prophanities, E! I’m still in shock as I am avery delicate and fragile creature…I am at a loss to where you are blog wise. Why don’t you just switch to Aminus 3, it’s the best I’ve used and for just a few sheckles a year you can have the extras, no messing about and lot’s of lovely people to talk to…. and…er…me!How can you resist?

  2. dear elaine,what do words sound like to deaf people when they read? do they sound out syllables, as in yes-ter-day. or have they learned instead to visualize yesterday the same way i recognise a leaf when i see it?do they imagine the way a mouth moves: the movement of the jaw in yes, the tongue touching the front of the teeth with turd, the mouth relaxing at ayy?can deaf people understand the way air moves around a word?do they know accents? can they tell when a russian says yesterday differently from a south african, different from a canadian?do the deaf dream in words, or just in images? are their dreams silent, flickering behind their eyelids like silent movies?is it possible for the deaf to dream about guitars? is music a vibration?sincerely,i’m all ears. or rather, i have two left ears.

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