Bed of Roses

for my friend Tammy…

18 comments on “Bed of Roses”

  1. yellow roses? for me? i’ll be yours forever.i’m feeling better. mostly, i’m tired. it’s not toe tag time yet.i love leonard cohen! mostly when other people sing his songs.

  2. I’ve been by for a visit long enough to have a look at half a dozen pages. Your photographs have the odd quality of being both earthy and ethereal. I like them.

  3. hope Tammy is ok

  4. A beautiful composition, roses Eyeful, very beautiful treatment, beautifully successful!

  5. Gorgeous color!! Love seeing all of the flowers together like this!!!

  6. Today I choose the red pink … 😉 A ballet of magnificent flowers. Bravo !

  7. I like Seraphine’s comment. Ethereal is the perfect word.

  8. Beautiful selection of roses. A rainbow of roses!

  9. Wow… St. Valentine’s gifts?? I have some withered roses here at home… x

  10. A brilliant composition and study of roses!

  11. Happy Valentine’s Day !

  12. happy valentine’s day elaine! hope you had a great one!

  13. very beaitiful framing and color palette

  14. Wow..these really pop out to you..wonderful colors and it!

  15. Hey this almost gives me hope that Spring is near. Almost… Very nice capture Elaine and you have managed to make the flowers even look more beautiful than they already are.

  16. beautiful flowers!! well done 🙂

  17. Aww, so nice! Like the soft processing on this one.

  18. That’s a kind of bed the donkey loves

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