Thank Heaven for Little Girls


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  1. Did you tell her to make her eyes look like yours or is that natural. Did you notice how much her eyes look like yours? She’s a beautiful girl.

  2. high foreheads are a sign of intelligence, she said.counting time on her fingers, she kept otherwise still.she practiced her mona lisa smile. i couldn’t tellif she was being serious, her thumb sliding back and forth4/4 time, 3/4 time, as easily as seconds go into minutes.i started to say something, but the moment passed.she was already at the bridge when i hummed the chorus.

  3. the amazing thing is the head comes out first,crowning they call it, and everyone wants a baby with a big head.a healthy child, a happy child, tlhIngan maH!

  4. What is it about little girls we all want to protect!!! Gotta love her, Elaine.

  5. i tumbled you. i guess that’s what it’s called?but where do people get all the time to tumble, tweet, facebook, etc?i need to go to bed, it’s almost midnight, and i haven’t evenfinished returning comments, much less visiting other blogs i want to see.if time was a checkbook, i’d be overdrawn.

  6. i have ‘she talks in stereo’ does that count?but i did look it up on itunes, the black crowesnice song! even if the band mispelled their name.

  7. Oh this is a super portrait, love the tilt and her hands dancing lightly, and the deep clever smile in her eyes

  8. This little girl is looking like she’s growing up!! Love the big shirt…and the skewed angle.And today IS my day to write. Maybe you clicked on it before it was posted??? Try again – if you dare!!! 🙂

  9. fantastic face and expression – a great portrait

  10. Thank Elaine for little girl pictures. A great pose, a great expression, a great shot, Elaine!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  11. Before the Hollywood style crash diet, that shirt actually fit her! It’s like a scene from ‘The incredible shrinking tiny Canadian tot’, which went straight to video back in 2007, not one of Stephen Spielberg’s better offerings. Neat shot E, and I like the tilt and processing here.

  12. Hi Elaine;) I love this shot! Wonderfully treated and great expression and pose. I like your style of treatemnt..very nice!

  13. Who is she..?! :)She’s a beautiful girl.really beautiful work.

  14. She is a beautiful girl, it is a great picture to held on forever to help her remember who she was when she is much older

  15. I love the blur in the hand. What a wonderful face. That is your trademark wonderful processing.

  16. Love the expression and motion of the hand, they grow up so fast

  17. well shot. i like the diagonal approach on this portrait.

  18. She looks like my daughter when she was young. Captivating eyes.

  19. Ah, so this is where you moved. Sorry for the confusion though. 🙂

  20. a gorgeous portrait. her smile is so charming. bravo!!

  21. Excellent portrait, beautiful child and smile! Great work Elaine!

  22. Love the B&W and the angle, makes the shot very moody.

  23. She is no modern little girl, This being from timeless time, When children graced with wisdom Had beauty more sublime.

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