Puppy Dog Tale


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9 comments on “Puppy Dog Tale”

  1. you know dogs have super hearing?they can hear you creeping up behind them, even if you’re wearing socks.

  2. A dog tale or a dog tail ? Both fit (or is it "Feet" ? ;)))))

  3. Puppy dog tails and sock-covered feet! Love the framing!!!

  4. i can’t sleep either.but i’m going to bed for another try.the canadian pairs skaters were wonderful tonight,tessa virtue and scott moir. no wonder yourneighbors were noisy. whoooooot.

  5. cool framing 🙂

  6. Hey Elaine – LOVE it! Tails and toes!! Like your new look too and I’ve updated you on my own regular blog (http://so-many-roads.com).

  7. Nice angle Elaine, like the framing too. Cool socks, like how you the eyes are drawn to them and the dog’s tail.

  8. The donkey wants the same socks!

  9. nice clean socks!

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