May I have a Tummy Rub?

wasn’t my dog a big ol’ chubby wubby? that’s from before she got diabetes, now she looks as skinny as a whippet

16 comments on “May I have a Tummy Rub?”

  1. anyone can tell coco is spoiled need for stuffed animals, imaginary friends,none of that, you have the real deal.

  2. um. no she doesn’t look skinny as a whippit.(i didn’t know what a whippit was, so i googled it.coco doesn’t look anything like a miniature greyhound)but keep encouraging her, b/c she’s beautiful beyond comparison.

  3. aww. i like to think everything and everyone lives forever. even if it isn’t true. i went thorugh my dark period; willful disregard for facts seems to be my stronger suit.

  4. Sometimes this Princess seems to be like a cat!

  5. Spoiled rotten to the core!

  6. please don’t disturb Coco ! funny shot , dear !have a nice day

  7. Your B/W pictures gives me a good feeling.I like them. specially, the framing.

  8. "See that boy with that guitar / He’s got skinny legs like I always wanted" (Lyle Lovett)Starting the day with a tummy rub is the best way to start a day. Masterly composed & an amazing photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. A happy and well-loved pup…for sure!!

  10. The grain of your pic is so fab, love the skin & sheet fabric, the tone and of course the pose of big Mamma before she turned a starlet again 😉

  11. The life is beautiful I see! :-)He waits his caress! Too good-looking! Bravoooo

  12. Nooo tooo cute, I like the way she looks at you 😀

  13. I like the lazy pose and the hi contrast

  14. She sure seems relaxed there, Hope she is doing OK with the diabetes

  15. Such a great shot with your cool processing, E. I lie like that for my wife…. ooer… that’s perhaps a tale for another time…. Have a great weekend

  16. i didn’t know pups could get diabetes.. too bad, she looks too cute here too.. 🙂

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