canadian bacon

I feel like tearing down my photoblog, I have for a few days, I don’t think anybody would visit me if i didn’t comment on their blogs, I don’t think my photography is any good, so scroll down and find me on facebook just in case i do delete my blog, then if you WANT you can see my photography there, or in a portfolio or something… i’m not sure what i’m going to do, but i just don’t feel good right now..

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  1. terrific portrait!!

  2. Love his eyes… they are very strong, like yours

  3. Great portrait, i like the expression! Beautiful child portrait!

  4. Gotta have one in every household, Elaine, right? 🙂 At least some of the time!

  5. This portrait gives a strange impression….have a nice day Elaine!

  6. I agree with the above comments, the eyes are really wonderful. I’m not sure what a ham is though? I didn’t want a light option, who really stays long enough to use it?

  7. Such a beautiful little boy. Love the expression of wonderment you captured!!

  8. Ah, excellent, we have the same topic today ! Never thought of them like bacon but, hey, that’s an idea 😉 Super face, shy one ? Cutie !

  9. Hi you!Don’t you dare to take down your site – it represents a reference, a portfolio of sorts. You will hate yourself if you erase it. Facebook is only good for social networking, as you know…I know, it is daunting these days in this world of visual bombardment and overflow of imagery to "stand your man – or to stand your woman" when it gets to picture taking. There is just soo much out there…Keep your work snug and save online, you will never know when you wish to look at it in five years down the road.Some of your work is brilliant, other images leave me luke-warm – but that is just how it goes.Came here by Seraphine, where your comments there sometimes put a smile on my face.Elaine – never ever loose self-confidence, please!Regards Zee (Lukas)

  10. Dont take it down, you have such a cool style with your photography and many of us so enjoy seeing what you have to share with us each dayif you do take it down you will kick yourself for doing so very soon afterwards

  11. You should not tear down your blog. I love it, Elaine. Every day a little more. Had been gone for some day, that’s why I couldn’t comment on your beauties here. And remember this in the good & the hard times: I love your photographs & stop making yourself smaller.I know this feeling all to well & I know how hard it is to get through these times. But let me tell you it’s worth every tear & every bad feel for you will come out stronger & it’s mighty inspiring. Feed my soul as you did in the past & don’t you dare to take down these wonderful blog & these great photographs, my dear.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. a beautiful portrait , i love the treatment but i don’t like if you don’t feel good….See , silly friend , u didnt let me comment today , but i’m here 😉 …and be happy , i have change my banner (yes yes) :)big kisses and please , be yourself , the one we love !—–> spring is on the way

  13. I go through the "tear done the blogs" feeling every couple of months. Maybe I will some day but keep struggling through.You have to remember that many people view without commenting. I don’t always comment but do view. You have an original and fresh view of the world.

  14. excellent portrait, expression, ;ighting and processing

  15. Elaine, I wish I can comment on your images in the gallery!! Wonderful and creative images there that I don’t remember seeing here? Keep being creative!!! I love it!

  16. i wonder if other people read the descriptions we put up with the photos.. it seems some of the commenters don’t.. 🙂 well, just think positive and make sure to enjoy yourself all the time.. chill.. 😉

  17. don’t make me make a facebook page! noooo. i don’t want to twitter either.too much. too much. too much.

  18. I dont visit every day Elaine but usually check out your site of least a couple times a week. I dont always comment though. I always enjoy your take on the world around you. Dont give up!

  19. beau portrait, avec une jolie expression.

  20. I like how this doesn’t even look like a photograph. Nice work with the blur and the colors.

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