Picture of a Picture

I know a picture of a picture is bad, but i don’t care at the moment lol
The first thing I want to say is about the comment game. I don’t want to play it anymore. I feel bad because I LOVE to get a nice comment, but I just can’t sit there for an hour or two making comments, my back hurts too much, and plus I get the feeling nobody would comment on my blog if I didn’t comment first, maybe for a day or two they would, but then… So from now on, I will no longer obligate people to comment on my site by playing the comment game, and if you WANT to comment, you can, and surely I will comment back on your site. Thanks so much!!

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  1. you got the blogger’s blues. you think if you don’t comment, that nobody will visit you.but really, what kills a blog is when you stop updating. when you stop caring, so does everyone else.i look at it this way: i comment partly as a courtesy to those who comment to me. and i comment alsobecause there are some remarkable people who blog and who take photographs or draw. i love creative people, and i get back more than i give.don’t make blogging an obligation. bloggers are very forgiving. if you want to take a day offto watch tv or go swimming, go live your life. be happy. you can come back tomorrow, or a month later,and everyone will still be here. we’ll even miss you while you are gone.one of these days, i’ll stop making encore seraphine comics. i don’t know- maybe i’ll stop at #800 or #1000?i don’t expect to do this forever. correction: i’d do it if i got *paid* to do it, because i love making them.but at some point, i have to move on and do ‘the next thing’ in my life. I just don’t know what that next thing is… yet.and ya, i’ve had the blogger’s blues too. it happens to everyone. hang in there, elaine. and put some nice, warm, relaxing heat on that back of yours.

  2. sera pretty much said it all. sometimes i get stuck and can’t think of what to say and even a short comment seems impossible and just one may even suck an extra 15 minutes out of my day but i like the people i’ve grown to know a little doing this. come and go as you please and as your health and interest dictate. you’re a very talented photographer who will always attract an audience.. sometimes even a new one 🙂

  3. lol. you don’t need a new camera. you need a new back.

  4. comment game? i don’t think so, i comment because of the enjoyment of looking at other people’s photos and distinctive styles. there are always new ideas to explore, and a picture of a picture is one of them! nice one elaine. =)

  5. what a surprise, I like your photos.

  6. Looks like Marilyn Monroe!!! Love how you’ve framed this. I think Sera’s said it all. Smile….we all sometimes go thru this – 🙂

  7. Hey girl, i always comment first on your page, right ? So no problem, you take your time, comment or not and we do the very same : let’s be Frrrrrrrrrrrrrree ! And i love this pic of Marilyn with your vintage hue & touch ! Take your time for what you want, need, prefer and be sure we’ll visit you (sorry, you’ll have to read ! ;))))))) Take care, dear, and see you – or not ! Steps are life’s rhythm : one step i’m fond of my photoblog & comment like crazy, another step i quit, totally bored, another step again I’m back, hey, Life, let’s say 😉 Kisses to the whole family, Coconut included !

  8. Well a picture of a picture isn’t always a bad thing, this isn’t a bad thing right here 🙂 You took something, put your own twist on it and made it your own, I dig that!You do have those blogger blues as Seraphine says, it happens to us all at some point and I’ve been blogging long enough to know that you come out the other side at some point. There is a comment game, of that I have no doubt. There’s a difference though, you do make connections with people and those connections/friendships are no less real than our friends in the next street. How did you and I start conversing my friend? 🙂 People do like your work and care about YOU, it’s obvious from the above…………………..then you get the other comments like "Wow" & "fab photo" those are that which I consider to be comments within the game and I don’t like them or respond to them anymore. Harsh perhaps but if someone didn’t have the courtesy to say why they liked something (or even why they didn’t) or have something constructive to say why should I bother also?I also get the "need a new camera feeling" in reality a new camera should make no difference, it’s not rational but as I said to you before it’s another source of inspiration and it worked for me. I know you’ll get what you want sooner or later, these things take time. In the meantime keep at it I say, take a couple of days off if you need to but not too long, as also said above what really kills a blog is a lack of updates!

  9. i have no time to comment a lot today, but always time to send a kiss to the whole family !Marilyn is from your family too ? great , big kisses to her too :-)and see you soooooooooooooon !

  10. The donkey is not a comments book-keeper!And he loves marilyn!

  11. I think Sera said it best. I had to cut back on my posting because it was getting to stressful so I know the feeling! Just try to have fun with it Elaine and I for one enjoy coming here whether you comment or not!

  12. I like this composition

  13. you have given it a nice effect!

  14. I think your version is an improvement on the original. "This would make a super print" he said quietly in a non-comment game sort of way. He sipped his coffee and sighed.

  15. I’ve taken a photo of a photo before. One of our daughter because …. well, just because. The comment game as you call it may be that for some people, but there’s another way to view it. It’s an active community. If I call you on the phone and you don’t answer, I’m going to quit calling you. I’ll think you’re ignoring my calls or your phone has been disconnected or you’ve turned the ringer off. See? Every time I post an image I think, "what a waste of time. everyone has seen something just like this." Truth is they probably have, but I want a photoblog. I’m making a record for myself and some people follow along with me. If you don’t want a photoblog, then don’t have one, but if you enjoy keeping a record of things on a photoblog, then have one. See?

  16. Hi Elaine… don’t be afraid about people that, like me, don’t comment each one of your photos. We will follow you whether you comment each one of our photos or just some of them, just when you feel the need to say something. To me, it is not always easy to comment, sometimes I feel sad, or tired and words don’t come (specially when I’m writing in english or french!!), I feel frustrating and then I prefer to read a book, or listening music, or simply to see my preferred photoblogs, but relaxed, without comment. Of course you make me happy with your wonderful comments, but don’t feel forced to systematically comment all the posts. I know you are there, and this is what counts. And about your shot of a shot… I really like it, it is not just a shot of a shot, is something different, a completely new image. Kisses!!x

  17. makes sense.. lol! glad you got over the thought of nuking your site.. ;D but seriously, i do like how you took this pic of a pic though.. 🙂

  18. i totally understand your feelings on this. i don’t have the time to comment as it is, and the more time I spend on it, the harder it is to get the stuff done that I need to do – like finishing that chapter of my dissertation that I have to do this week, or getting ready to present at 2 different conferences in the next couple of weeks. add to that the feeling that it gets repetitive and it is hard not to end up in blogger ennui. all i can say is keep posting the amazing photos that you do! you have a terrific, unique style and I love it.

  19. Hey I happen to like pictures of pictures. This one is particularly cool 🙂 – so you did it again just like you said. I wasn’t sure if I should believe you but you did change – again haha – you must stop 😉 or not either way I like giving you crap about it. Spring is almost here, now where are those cameras?

  20. I meant to comment on this one before but maybe couldn’t describe why I liked it so much at the time. I think it’s because Marilyn looks happy, I mean genuinely happy, which is sad because we know what she didn’t then about how her life would end. The angle of the photo within your frame sort of echoes this sadness, especially as it seems to be sinking below the edge of the frame.

  21. Great shot Elaine. My daughter loves Marilyn Monroe and collects and reads everything about her. Excellent image, like the tones and lighting.

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