no swimming

coz baby it’s cold outside!! i’m starting to feel better, i set up a pretty gallery, and at michael’s suggestion i started with google reader to see if that makes commenting easier for me… thanks for all you kindness my friends, i’m sorry i was a bummer the last while…

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  1. This is too cool (no pun intended:-) Every year I say, "If we can just make it until February 15th it’ll be time to plant flowers and farmers will begin spring planting". This is one of the strangest winters Arkansas has had in many years. It’s 27 degrees fahrenheit and they’re calling for snow tomorrow night. I realize that’s no big deal for you, but it’s a big deal here…lol. Whine, whine, whine. I want to go swimming!

  2. …and pictures of signs 😉 I am fond of those too haha – No way in hell would I go swimming now. That would be suicide – Nice capture. Are you still taking pics or are you using your cache’ of pics ?

  3. To bad is closed, i like to swim when is cold outside :). Maybe the sign is there because is cold inside? 😀 Anyway..go swimmm! 😛

  4. As Sherri says, it’s been one strange winter, indeed, especially in the South. I missed the craziness in Atlanta this year but it was like nothing I ever experienced in my 22 years there. So glad you’re feeling a bit better today! That Google Reader is often my salvation. I love it….

  5. i believe in indoor swimming pools. also indoor trees and indoor beaches.if we don’t take better care of this earth, pretty soon we will all be livingin bubbles. an enclosed life isn’t uncommon anyway. some people neverleave their homes. should we go outside? nah, not if its snowing and cold.

  6. Even for the donkey?

  7. charm zombies! i love that term. yes, i’ve met them too.but ahem, i’ve gotten this far through life using charm, so does that make me a zombie too? yay! cool!

  8. i’m a big fan of mystery. mostly because i’m curious.but but but… keeping a little mystery is absolutely essential.once you stop surprising people (or yourself), then by definition you aren’t mysterious anymore. but i don’tthink that’s a problem for you. you’re creative enoughto never grow old. figuratively speaking, of course.

  9. This is way cool my friend, the jaunty angle, the glimpse of light through the window and the grain, it’s the sort of thing you do sooooooooo well! So what’s it’s saying? I can’t enter the pool through the window? Well I have a problem with authority, I’m gonna try ;)Oh and I totally missed yesterday’s title, I such a dumb ass, so THAT’S where the fisherman had gone to 😀

  10. Was just wondering who would want to swim in the winter anyway?? Great find!!!

  11. Why doesn’t it simply say "Pool Closed"? Does this mean you could still get to the pool via another door?

  12. I love it..I love your humor! And is a pretty blog set up..we get to see more of your work this way!!!

  13. No, I just want to swim 🙁

  14. damnit… i fancied a swim today! lovely tones.

  15. I like the processing and th blue tones at the right – I don’y care if it is closed, it’s cold

  16. Good thing its closed to cold out there for swimming, but no lack of water with the steady rain today trying to break into snowGlad your feeling better, I have a google reader account but dont use it anywhere as much as I should

  17. :)access denied..

  18. I like how bold this is. To the point and great graphical quality. Cool one Elaine, literally and otherwise 🙂

  19. i hate that sign.. they have that up here where i live, and they even closed up the gym.. bunch of m!@#n$.. i’m getting fat because of them.. haha.. well, it’s good that you changed your mind, and yep, google reader is a great help managing photo buddies.. 😉

  20. I like this a lot.

  21. Since I don’t own a bathing suit this is my kind of photograph. Brilliant, Elaine. What a terrific framing & amazing grain. And I’m in love with that analogue feel to this beauty of yours. Great piece of imagery.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  22. Elaine, its a good advise to use google reader, you will feel less stressed, for sure. I use it ad its very convenient.Its a pity… I like swimming a lot!!x

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