Spontaneous Combustion..

yes, i have blog ennui lol… i love photography, and i love getting comments, and i even love commenting back, but i DON’T like only getting comments because i commented on someone else’s page, and if everybody else does that, waits and comments back, then so will i.. and i guess i’ll see if people think my photos are worth it, some how i doubt that they will, i think my photography is boring, and i think people maybe sick of my husband and my dog lol

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  1. i like being in nature too. it’s one of those things i like doing alone as much as i like being with a group.besides, the beauty of the outdoors is good for the soul. reading a book is more fun than fishing,but that chair sure looks comfortable– once you sit down, it’s probably hard to get back up again.

  2. Not just saying this because you’re feeling blue. I hope you know me better than that. This is a beautiful image. It has the feel of a watercolor painting. Such a tranquil spot and the reflections are lovely. Like a childhood memory picture.

  3. I have the feeling that this lake is haunted by a very big fish who loves fishers!

  4. This is like a dream scene..wonderful colors and composition!!!!!!

  5. Blogging plays such weird tricks on us, Elaine, doesn’t it! Sometimes I can handle it and sometimes I can’t. If someone has always commented on my pictures and is suddenly not there anymore, but I see her everywhere else, I’m sure it’s because I’m gay or because I got married to a woman…or who knows? We can be so fragile when it comes to being so public. Would this have happened to us (as much) pre-Internet days???Anyway, sometimes people are too caught up in the "tyranny of the urgent" and it’s not about us at all. You’re too full of joy and laughter and humor to let us get you down like that. But then, you’re in good company. David, the Psalmist, was like that…up one day and down the next. I think it’s the plight of artists and musicians! Hang in there, woman, because images like this are totally soulful! I don’t have a clue how you do your processing but it’s so…you!

  6. The pole is still here and the fish too, let’s let the fisherwoman take time and come back whenever she wants ! Signed : A brunette fish 🙂

  7. As said above it has a real painterly effect, I like that. I like that all the gear is still here but there’s nobody fishing, it creates a mystery as to why? I never understand fishing, I can undertand all of the beautiful places they go to, peaceful sunrises, gorgeous sunsets and just days of peace and quiet but why spoil all that with all the fishing? 🙂

  8. As someone said earlier this has a magical dreamy feel, I am not into fishing but would love to be sitting in that chair relaxing and enjoying the view rather than sitting in the office looking out over a grey and foggy city

  9. I think that your work is unique and I always looking at it – I never mark your comment as "read" so I can go and see the new image.today’s image is great as a moment and technically very very goodhave a nice afternoonyiannis

  10. yes yes i come here JUST because i love your hubby and Coco :-)beautiful nature pic , Elaine , i would love fishing there (even if i hate fishing)Euhhh i hope you are fine ????? ;)have a nice day bisous

  11. Oh Elaine, please don’t give up on us! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy looking at your work. You take an ordinary subject, and with your post processing techniques turn it into a work of art. When I’m feeling down I find that looking at people’s photography helps life my spirit – there is something about it. Your site is one I always go to when I’m looking at photos – you calm me with your photos and amuse me with your wit.This photo is just awesome. So peaceful. I cam imagine being there, a gentle breeze on my face, just starring at the water as the wind makes little waves for my eyes to follow.

  12. I have the frequently visited blogs in my Google Reader so I get to see them even if I haven’t received a comment. It is nice to cruise through that and skip the posts I don’t care to see.Anyway . . . this one really caught my eye with the unusual colouring and terrific composition. This is very very cool.

  13. Very very interesting processing, very atractive. Good day!

  14. Cool. This reminds me of my backpacking trip. Sitting in a chair and waiting for something to bite.

  15. Lovely lush greens. I want to roll around in the grass

  16. noo.. don’t give up! stay put!! ;D

  17. Hello, I’m new here. Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. Blimey, what a boring shot…. I checked out your portfolio and, do you only take photographs of your dog and husband when he’s sleeping!!!! OK, bye then…..Ha ha…. only kidding, E. Love today’s shot and processing. I assume it was a very big fish that pulled him and his rod into the murky depths

  18. A very beautiful photograph, love of fishing, not me, good day with you.

  19. Nice summery photo. As for comments and photos and "likey-ness", I usually make an effort to return comments to people who comment on my blog because, for the most part, people who like my work are usually also taking photos I like. When I do comment I try to say something salient instead of just "Nice summery photo" ;^) and sometimes, when I’m not feeling very verbal, or am distracted but things happening in the real world (like, for example, my dad just breaking his hip) I comment less rather than adding a bunch of "Nice shot" comments to the blogs I follow.I also comment on a lot of other blogs where the blogger never reciprocates – not a big deal to me. I post my photos for me, not for the comments.

  20. I enjoyed this image! I like how it feels as if their is is a story…I have had the flu and the last week i haven’t been online much and I have so missed visiting the blogs sites that i do…they inspire me…I love when i see someone work…I love they were brave to share their work so publicly….everyone has a point a view, a short to share…all stories and points of view are interesting…never worry about your work….. always share…as for the comment thing…the way i look at…if I like the picture or something about the picture i will comment, other wise I won’t …i won’t worry about that just make sure you love the image you post…that the only important comment

  21. Not only is the setting beautiful but the composition is remarkably well conceived. The tipped blue chair anchors the shot in reflected light yet the rod and tiny bit of line stretch out into a mysterious dark that’s echoed in the foreshortened grass. There’s a clearly wistful quality to your work that elevates it well beyond the norm.

  22. Love this, that reflection is straight awesome. And I like how the chair and pole give the feeling that I could step right in and be part of this scene.

  23. Beautiful shot with a story to tell. I hope the fish did not bite while the fishermen where away!

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