pinky and the brain

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  1. Looks like a difficult place to walk. Lots of undergrowth. Did you go far into the woods?

  2. The criss crossign branches seem to be blocking us out but the warm colors drag us into the shot, super cool shot and processing

  3. I like how the colors, vignette, and focus all combine to make this a very interesting abstract.

  4. haha i like the title here, very humorous. the shot is very moody and so dramatic-looking. =)

  5. interesting post processing – very colorful….looks like a tough walk

  6. Cool shot, very colorful… looks like a challenging place to take a walk 🙂

  7. dj.tigersprout says:

    ooh — i do love the layout of this site… very eye appealing!!! 😉 hello love, making my last rounds as a blogger… not sure what i am going to morph into, but the change is there, happening deep within… i can feel it brimming within me!! sending a thousand kisses from a thawing east coast… spring is here already it seems… strange still so early… 😛 thanks so much for all the advice and help with the search — you’re the best!!! speak soon!!! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. haw! i love it. i kept looking for it to be something other than trees, and it *is* something other than trees.

  9. It’s a veritable labyrinth, Elaine…into someone’s thinking, for sure! 🙂

  10. Gorgeous soft color. Love the pink glow!!!

  11. Love the way u post process this

  12. Very beautiful realization, good framing, splendid, cheer!

  13. Splendid ! These colours are a dream for the donkey!

  14. Lovely image Elaine, really like the framing and the gorgeous array of colors. Stunning composition.

  15. it’s wonderland there ? or just after your pills ? 😉 please never stop your pills , because your area is so beautiful 🙂 Bisous

  16. excellent detail and colors

  17. terrific shot here. I really like what the vignette and processing adds to this. it feels like an interminable maze in which one might get lost 😉

  18. I was expecting two mice actually. Where are they? lol. Very nice post processing.

  19. amazing colors!

  20. an inviting yet inaccessible forest.. i like it.. 🙂 very nice shot, elaine.. 😀

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