It’s all so draining..

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  1. This is a shot I wish I had taken and processed, something many would miss but so much color and details, as for draning or drained thats how I fele tonight, adjusting back to make it through a 5 day work week after my vacations

  2. Nice shot, really like the processing in this… drains away the bad I hope..

  3. Okay, I admit it. Now I’ve become addicted to looking at your photographs. Sometimes I find myself staring down at such sights but time passes and one must walk on.

  4. Fun title..but the image is beauitful..wonderful colors and tones.

  5. i love the color of the leaves in the drain. it’s funny- seriously- i like taking photos of drains too!i mean, how strange is that? maybe that’s where we go when we die. why the fascination?

  6. Well this is amazing stuff, it’s what you do so well, the ordinary taken into the extraordinary. I just love it, the leaves and the colour are right up my street, I too have shot quite a few drains but I’ve never come up with anything that I like, well done!!!! This will be another that sticks in my mind for always.Thanks for your kind words today my friend, I was worried about putting all that "out there".

  7. I can feel the wind & rain & colors are fabulous as the circle view, geometry & zen shapes (or like a Mandala) at our door if we are able to see them. You are*

  8. beautiful composition on this. like how the leaves are scattered against the sewer, thinking any blow from the wind can just blow them away…

  9. What perfect words to your image!! Love the simplicity of this…but mostly I love the colors. So ordinary..but yet not.

  10. Good work, Elaine. You’ve managed to make part of a sewage system look interesting and artistic.

  11. "Doncha miss that water when it’s gone" (Malcolm Holcombe)What a brilliant frame & play of colours. I feel some uncertain longing looking at this beauty. It’s just my kind of combination: Sadness & beauty. And you always manage to capture my heart. Great photograph, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. Oh ‘Leaf’ it out, E….. ha haThat’s a seriously beautiful bit of processing there my dear. A great shot and presentation.

  13. fantastic work with colros

  14. Great abstract….loves the colors of the leaves

  15. Well composed picture, I like your works.. :)so beautiful.Bravo.

  16. What a wonderful play on words for your title. I really, really like this image. The way the leaves are scattered looks like they were arranged by an artist and the treatment makes it cheerful. Definitely the most cheerful drain I’ve ever seen.

  17. It is a photographic poem about autumn … This is a championship, Elaine!

  18. Leaves colors are like touch of painting on a painter’s palette!You’re a magician!

  19. I like the simplicity & the colors

  20. That is the kind of shot I love taking. Beautifully composed and I always like your use of colour.

  21. bien vu, et bien colorรฉ.

  22. What great colors! Its like a painting almost.

  23. that’s a perfect title for this shot.. ๐Ÿ˜€ i’m almost drained too, but tomorrow’s a friday so.. we’ll see.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. This is one of my favorites of yours, Elaine…especially the title! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. excellent tones, contrasts, composition!

  26. this is beautiful, Elaine. The sort of thing that you see all the time, step over without even noticing. but you have made it something beautiful. great colors!

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