16 thoughts on “BC Ferries

  1. is that the one that comes from victoria island? because i’ve been on it! it’s so incredibly beautiful, that whole area, the sound, vancouver, etc.

  2. This looks so familiar to me, Elaine. We took a ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island a few years back. I’ll never forget it. It is such a beautiful area of the world!

  3. Gosh ! how beautiful landscape , and more again with the painting processing ! i can see that like a new start for you , after sadness. I wish , i wish …bisous

  4. It seems almost surreal with those colours, what a striking blue!!!…. BTW, In my photoblog there is another (smaller) ship which is waiting for you Elaine…. :)x

  5. That looks suspiciously like North Vancouver to me. Of course, I could be wrong since it’s been many years since I rode that ferry but the photograph is very beautiful.

  6. This one looks like a painting by some new master. So brilliantly composed & framed, such great colours & amazing light. Makes me wanna jump on that ferry & travel to better times ahead. Come on, take me with you, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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