Self Evident

12 comments on “Self Evident”

  1. I like the processing on this one, especially in the sky. What city is this in, or does the shirt say it?

  2. Sweet, another ghost boat! You better patent those quick.

  3. where you live is spectacular in its beauty. this is a beautiful shot, elaine!

  4. He dresses up well, and you can tell him I said so. 😀

  5. This pearl is masterly processed, my dear. What an impressive fairytale like feel to it. Let’s get on that boat & leave this world of woe behind. I’m ready to takte that ride, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  6. Wonderful composition and scenery. I especially love that ‘Montreal’ t-shirt. My home town!!!

  7. excellent portrait, framing, processing and colors – he looks a cool man

  8. nice job! Like this alot..good mood!

  9. this is one epic travel shot.. ;D nice catch.. 🙂

  10. Beautiful place to be… The donkey hopes to visit soon!

  11. Very cool dude portrait and wow on the background. This is a wonderful image, Elaine.

  12. With that hat – a movie star! Or at least a rock star…

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