Hubby and his Sister

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  1. sweet:)

  2. This is very nice; sometimes sister and brother don’t get along so well but these two look like lifelong buddies.

  3. they obviously love each other. it’s nice to see that between siblings.i love the picture- it’s simple and it shows what it shows. it’s wonderfully processed, elaine. i hope you frame it.

  4. i’m sure you’ll think of something

  5. oh nooo! maybe you can hide my comment before she sees it. and i’m off towards bed, or i’ll be too tired to get up in the morning.

  6. The donkey has 3 brothers but no sister!And it’s nice to meet together sometimes!

  7. She is happy and he is proud ! Cool feelings for the sibling !

  8. Hello to the family 😉 nice portraits , i can feel the complicity Have a beautiful day , Elaine !

  9. Nice! I can see the family resemblance!!!

  10. Certainly a family resemblance! Nice shot.

  11. "So we’re all gonna be here forever / So mama don’t you make such a stir / Put down that camera and come on and join up / The last of the family reserve" (Lyle Lovett)What a brilliant framing, what an amazing shot, Elaine! Great feeling of being close to each other. And that is what counts. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  12. great and good shot, it’s very nice!

  13. I like thet they are happy – excellent image my friend

  14. both seem to be very happy and friendly 😀

  15. that’s a nice shot of the both of them.. great vintage processing.. 🙂

  16. Beautiful smiles – I can feel the love!

  17. Yes, the family resemblance. Gotta love it when we see it. 🙂

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