My Two Boys…

they are inseperable already…

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  1. A good dog always loves a good sleeper and they can really make a person feel cozy. I have a question that I probably should email you about, but here goes:-) Didn’t you just buy a new mattress? Your hubby looks like he’s on a tiny bed. Almost like a cot. The headboard looks like an old iron bedstead. We have a twin size and a full size; both antiques. I love them and I like the shot, but I’m curious like a cat.

  2. it didn’t take long for sparticus to make himself at home.i just hope he didn’t take *your* spot on the bed.

  3. i see he found a good spot already.. 😀 nice shot! 🙂

  4. It seems he is really making himself at home! I’m guessing they fell asleep watching tv — explains the glasses! My pug Watson loves to watch other animals, especially dogs, on tv. Somehow he always knows when it is an animal, and he often goes up to the tv and tries to look behind it to find that dog.

  5. Nice and warm spot. I hope not growl when you approach the bed 🙂

  6. LOL at Seraphine and Sherri. I was wondering the same thing. Where do YOU fit in??? 😀 Apart from that, I’m delighted the transition has happened so quickly. Who would have thought!

  7. Such a wonderful capture of the special bond between man and his dog!! Excellent!!!

  8. Well, that didn’t take long! Like the new muttonchops.

  9. Very sexy image Elaine…:)

  10. That’s a sweet and oh so peaceful image. It’s good to know where one’s friends are.

  11. I’m happy to see that Sparticus is filling the void left by Coco. And what about these sideburns of your husband!!… Spectacular, hahaha!! I really love them!!Cheers!x

  12. very nice! looks like a terrific way to spend the afternoon 😀

  13. Cool sideburns

  14. Hairy sweet sleep – ah, feels good at home, so peaceful, enjoy boyz (and you too, girl who seems to sleep less ;))

  15. I like the way you post process your photos. Did not he object to have this portrait on your blog?

  16. i suppose they’ve always been inseparable elaine, nice capture from above. =)

  17. Looks like they are resting peacefully… Nice

  18. Ha! Didn’t take him long to figure out who has the mad sleep skills.

  19. Nice shot!!!!

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