me, hub, hub’s sis, hub’s sis’s hub

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  1. hubs and spokes. i suppose you could have a hub without spokes, but it’s hard to imagine a spoke without a hub. two hubs would anaxle make? i wish i knew more about wheels. being a spokespersonis pretty cool though, congratuations. it’s an honour; spokes make the world go ’round. a spoke is the conscience of the wheel.

  2. p.s. i love your shoes. it looks very canadian.those and baby white seal skin boots.

  3. lol about the one spoked wheel bring "unbalanced" and unable to support the wheel’s ego.your mind is always turning. night night elaine.

  4. Cool image. I like your rather surreal processing making the image extraordinary.

  5. It looks like something out of the Twilight Zone, Elaine. 😀 (And that Seraphine really eggs you on, doesn’t she!!! 😀 )

  6. Girlz & Hubz ! Ah, cool couple of couple ! ;)))

  7. Great family portrait. Love the colors…and how you all appear to ‘glow’ against the stunning evening sun!!!

  8. full colored , full sparkle , full happyness , full smile great family portrait ! ah so good to see that :-)Kiss kiss

  9. Such cool and colorful processing, nice group shot

  10. looks like they’re vacationing in Area 51 …. what a cool glow! its unnatural!

  11. sweet! I love the sky also in the background…makes me wonder if you get great skies often your way!

  12. Good to see ‘Canada’s most wanted’ all in one frame, as it’s so much cheaper just to print the one shot rather than four, and pin them to every Police station and civic hall in each town! Not only vicious criminals one and all, but also some serious crimes against fashion there as well….. A straw hat with THOSE knees, what was Johnny ‘The pigmy poisoner’ Watkins thinking! eh?Ha ha

  13. Wow, this is a fantastic image! I really like the two different light sources and how they complement each other. You 4 look ready to tear up the town!

  14. Been on the road for the last five days, just to return & see your in great company. What a great composition, Elaine. Your colours doesn’t make me blind, they make me wanna go crazy. That is a brilliant photograph, my dear! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  15. haha funny title, like how you put it all together in this nice family photo.

  16. i do NOT egg you on like ginnie alleges.i only prod with asparagus and pry with chocolate and/or wine.

  17. Lets all sing together! [Chorus]The freaks come out at nightThe freaks come out at nightThe freaks come out at night(the freaks come out)The freaks come out at nightI love it! Great shot!!!

  18. very colorful shot! for some reason, the colors you captured here reminds me of some country’s flag! ;D

  19. Cool! With your processing it could even be on another planet! Nicely done, you!

  20. I had to read the title twice… Love that insane sunset in the background. I mean the people in the foreground are nice enough and all, but those colors!

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