Random Stranger

I normally don’t have the guts to take pics of people in public, people that i don’t know… don’t ask me why I did it this time!

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  1. you took this picture because he’s reading and is oblivious to everything else.you probably like his hairy, hairy legs. he also has a humongous coffee cup.

  2. men with big coffee cups have big adam’s apples. everyone knows that.why is it called an adam’s apple? you probably guessed- because in thegarden of eden, adam swallowed forbidden fruit (an apple) and it gotstuck in his throat. luckily, they didn’t have viagra in those days, or adammight have gotten a stiff neck instead.

  3. i think it was a summer shot 😉 nice attitude , lot of concentration to read newspaper , i hope news were good ? ;)have a silly and lovely week end Elainekiss kiss

  4. Well…maybe you just liked what he looks like??? Wonderful processing. Could be taken anytime..anywhere. Good for you for being so brave!!!

  5. j’espere que les nouvelles sont bonnes !

  6. Congratulations!Good effort!

  7. well, it did come out good! you should do it more often.. ;D looks like he’s spending his time in a relaxing way.. 😉 nice catch!

  8. A fine street portrait. I like the clarity and tones. (One good thing about an iPhone is that people in restaurants and such think you’re playing with your phone and never think you’re taking their picture:-)

  9. grea job though:) nicely captured!!!

  10. At least there are still newspapers in the world, he seems to be enjoying this one. He’s probably reading about the monster that is on its way – the one that eats street signs.

  11. It tells a beautiful story though

  12. I like this, do we see a new direction in your photography?

  13. He seems really, really happy about that newspaper. I’m not judging, just saying. I like the black and white, gives it that extra gritty zip that screams "I’m from the streets!"

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