This is a picture of my twenty year old poodle right before I had her put down, I didn’t have the heart to put her thru the trauma of a hair cut, and a bath, how she hated those…. So there she is, all matted, and dirty, it was a sad sight, that’s for sure…

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  1. twenty years is a long life for a poodle. she must have been well cared for(and loved) to have lived for so long. the little hearts texture added to thephotograph is a nice touch.

  2. that’s a photograph i took some years ago. no, it’s not me. and yes she has beautiful’s funny, i had never taken nude photos beforeand i didn’t think they were very good. lookingat them now, they are better that i thought.

  3. I like how you used the hearts to show the love you shared. The only poodle I ever had was when I was a child; the poor thing got distemper and passed away before she ever even had a chance to grow up. That is the sad thing about pets; we almost always outlive them. I guess it’s even sadder when they outlive us in a way. The two dogs we have now are really attached to each other and get very upset when separated (I have to take both of them on walks together even), so when the day comes that one of them passes it will be extra sad.

  4. Elaine, no need to worry about my dogs! They are still fairly young (5 in human years) and are very healthy! Probably in another 3-4 years we will get another pug, so that will make the passing of either Watson or Crinkles a tiny bit easier for the other to take.

  5. Love the bokeh-hearts. What a wonderful symbol of affection. I’ve never heard of a dog living 20-years. She must have been loved!!!

  6. Beautiful photograph, beautiful treatment, that brings a pretty mixture of texture. good shot!

  7. You had a very good long time with your friend.

  8. Heartbreaking 🙁 such a sad event.Have a nice Easter weekend !

  9. Such a sad photo, but a wonderful tribute ot her with the hearts

  10. sad and sweet.she had lovely curly hair.

  11. this sure is a nice fitting tribute to your poor doggy.. 🙂

  12. This looks very abstract. I like it.

  13. wonderful sweet warmth captured! Hang in is your new puppy?

  14. Hello Elaine ! All hearts which sparkle! Excellent ! I like it ! I changed house … and I obviously registered you in my links 😉

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