this is a picture of the last PC i ever owned…

15 thoughts on “Fools

  1. i have a computer that shines blue lights. it’s supposed to look cool,but i worry because at night there is this blue glow from my room.i worry that somebody will break in and steal my computer. am i crazy?i wish i could turn off the blue lights when i am not home. my wirelessrouter thing also glows blue. i remember reading that at night, blue isthe "loudest" color- it’s the easiest to see. that’s why police cars use them.i don’t want strange people to see my blue lights when it gets drak outside.

  2. oh oh. i see something at the top that is unplugged.and don’t touch the red wires. red means danger.yellow is caution. blue means you’re available.

  3. And to think computers used to fill up an entire room, Elaine! And there were yellow used punch cards lying all over campus back in the 60s during the dark ages of computers. Can you believe it? Look at where the fools are now…making all that money! You sure do make this look like a dreamy figment of the imagination…from once upon a time!

  4. Very nice; I love the blue but the other colors are present also; the grays look nice as blue. The diagonal bar across the middle looks like a blue laser beam that would gladly remove your arm if you tried to stick it inside.

  5. in a funk over coco or sparticus? i hopeeverything works out for you, healing the holein your heart- and making sparticus a happymember of your family. sparticus will never be coco, but maybe you two can worm yourselves into each other’s hearts. hugs.

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