8 comments on “Glitter…”

  1. well, at least he’s not all glitz and no i love his glasses and his sensual mouth and chin.

  2. haha, i don’t want it to go to his head if it explodes in a shower of glitter.i think he lets you photograph him because you do so honestly, and yet with love.

  3. Wonderful glitter effect. He looks almost glamorous!!!

  4. It’s a nice, intimate shot. I like the glitter!

  5. He is hoping that Disco makes a comeback. Now lets Boogie! I really like the composition on this one. Excellent Elaine!

  6. admit it, you’re the one who placed it on him, riight? 😀

  7. All that glitters is golden? In this case, yes. Lovely, soft shot Elaine!

  8. image..and maybe for him?? I use my husband often for ideas too!!

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